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Apps and Services

Build on your retail solution with Emporio UK's powerful Apps and Services below:

Install & Configuration

Our Install & Configuration service ensures your EPOS system is all ready for use from day one. We install and configure the software on all of your devices accross your network, activate licencing, setup users, roles and design the POS interface so it works best for you and your store.

Features and Benefits:
  • No hassle and you are ready to start using the EPOS
  • No computer or network knowledge required to get started
  • Users are all setup and assigned the correct security roles
  • Fast one touch “hotkeys” for commonly used functions and items

Please Contact Us if you would like us to install and configure your system.

Data Loader (Price File Import)

One of the most daunting tasks when choosing any EPOS solution is “How long will it take me to input all my stock items?”. The good news is with this app we preload your system with all of your suppliers’ data and you can even update on an ongoing basis. This is achieved by suppliers uploading their data to our servers which then feeds down to you.

Features and Benefits:
  • Import all items from your suppliers
  • New lines automatically added and suppliers removed for discontinued lines
  • Suppliers price files can be scheduled to update regularly
  • Option to choose which fields to update via our Control Panel

If you're a supplier, please click here for our Price File Upload portal

Emporio Mobile

Your initial stock count is of paramount importance so we’ve made it as simple as possible with this app. This small but useful piece of software works on any mobile device to allow communication with your till to update stock quantities, prices or reorder levels to name just a few. In addition, we will loan you two devices for 4 weeks free of charge with your EMA purchase.

Features and Benefits:
  • Easily stock take your store with a mobile device
  • Update stock levels, departments, categories, reorder levels and pricing from a mobile device
  • No training required as easy to use
  • All updates in real-time

Find out more about how our Emporio Mobile App can help your business or to arrange a demo - Contact Emporio Today

Emporio Tools

Exclusive to clients who purchase this app where we have made various additional and unique reports and tools available. These include our Slow Movers, Price Variance and High & Low Ideal reports which all ensure you’re managing your stock and cash flow to an optimum level. Our tools include many wizards and applications that provide shortcuts for time consuming tasks.

Key Features:
  • Many helpful custom reports
  • Feature rich features
  • Provides a better insight into your business
  • Save time

Find out more about how our Emporio Tools can help your business or to arrange a demo - Contact Emporio Today

Purchase Order Transmission

Send orders electronically to all your suppliers and save money and time! But not only that you also get the added bonus of real-time stock availability checks with our integrated partners such as CLF Distribution which alert you to insufficient or out of stock items. Some partners also update your purchase order once your items have been picked and packed so you don’t even need to check in your deliveries.

Features and Benefits:
  • Send purchase orders to your suppliers without the need to phone or fax your orders
  • Get live stock information from our integrated partners
  • Easy to keep track of your purchase orders
  • Have your purchase orders updated to match your deliveries

Find out more about how our Purchase Order Transmission can help your business or to arrange a demo - Contact Emporio Today

Loyalty Cards and Points

Proven to increase your customers average spend and keep them coming back.

With standard templates, you can create your own tailored loyalty and rewards scheme quickly and easily. Choose what customer information you want to collect on your form, and whether you want keyring size, or standard creditcard sized loyalty cards - Emporio UK make it easy!

Features and Benefits:
  • Increased average customer visit spend
  • Increased customer return visits
  • Gather customer intelligence, track spending and build your newsletter/email database
  • Customer vouchers issued automatically
  • Simple and easy to setup, with all design work included

Contact Us to find out how you can benefit from loyalty cards and points today.