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Retail Management Hero (RMH)

Exclusive Distributor for RMH

Emporio UK is now the exclusive distributor for RMH in the UK.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact us for further information. If you would like to know more about RMH click here to find out more.

Drive Retail Growth with a Flexible Connected Solution - For retail organizations looking to run operations more efficiently, improve service levels, and make the confident decisions that fuel growth, Retail Management Hero (RMH) gives you the freedom to run an efficient, customer focused business.

This powerful software package is ideal for specialty retailers with hard goods inventory. It automates point of sale processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and works like and with the Microsoft Office system programs your people already know and use.

Just as important, Retail Management Hero is built on a proven Microsoft platform that adapts to meet unique and changing retail needs and integrates readily with other business management solutions. And, at all times, you can count on the high level of support and robust maintenance options that Emporio UK offers to help ensure lower cost of ownership.

Retail Management Hero Key Benefits:
  • Streamline point-of-sale processes

    Work with a customizable POS screen that lets your staff check prices, availability, and stock location instantly.

    They'll be able to access customer information; accept multiple tenders and partial payments at the till; and quickly process item returns, back orders, sales quotes, and layaways.

    Automated processes make it easier to balance multiple tenders efficiently and accurately, helping staff save valuable time.

  • Gain insight into operations and make fast, informed decisions

    Access and analyse detailed data across your entire business, including multiple stores, with a wide range of flexible reports.

    Retail Management Hero makes it easy to preview, search, and print daily sales reports and journals by register, batch, and receipt number, as well as close cashier shifts quickly and accurately. You can also export report information directly into Office Excel, XML, CSV, or your email application.

    • Manage security and protect sensitive information

    Help reduce instances of shrinkage, false returns, credit card fraud, and unauthorized discounts.

    With 31 levels of user security features, managers can control employee access to sensitive data and track returns efficiently.
    Security for credit card information handling is based on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) guidelines, so your customers' data is safer.

  • Quick Setup and Easy to Use

    Emporio UKs RMH Certified team provide expert support and assistance to quickly set up and tailor Retail Management Hero to meet your specific retail needs.

    Your staff will learn POS procedures in minutes with our onsite and remote training sessions, along with the built-in wizards and an intuitive user interface. The system works with your existing computers and OPOS (OLE for POS) compatible peripherals and with Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Word, so you can make full use of existing software and hardware.


Retail Management Hero

This point-of-sale solution understands retail — and was designed 100% with that in mind. Its intuitive graphical user interface is touchscreen optimized and lets any retailer quickly do everything from looking up inventory and entering items, to processing sales transactions and generating receipts.

With powerful reporting built into RMH, keeping an eye on your daily store reports is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Identify at a glance your moving inventory, real-time sales data and customer transactions, which will help you make informed business decisions. You also have the ability to create and customize your own reports!
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